Scalp Micro Pigmentation Artists UK

Craig Molyneux – HD Hairlines

Craig Molyneux has been in the hair industry for over a decade. He was a barber before becoming an SMP, so he understands how a head of hair should look and how a hairline should fit each specific face and person who visits his clinic.

Luke Jewitt – Luxe SMP Clinic

Ollie Young – Scalp Art

Craig Bottomley-High – Scalp Micro UK

Craig Bottomley-High AKA ‘Mr Scalp’, is the owner and lead technician at Scalp Micro UK. He is an internationally recognised  and highly respected professional in the scalp micropigmentation world

Craig Bottomley-High has been working in the micropigmentation industry for over 10 years, specialising in scalp micropigmentation for over 4 years, and is a fully qualified, accredited, and insured practitioner.

Craig began looking into companies that offered hair tattoo procedures several years ago. It was still a new service, and he could see that some of the pigments used had poor retention, migration, and discoloration, or that the equipment and needles were not exactly suitable for creating a replicated follicle look. During his research, he came across a few good examples of SMP, but also a surprising number of poor and unprofessional results.

Justin Davids – Scalp Culture

Justin Davids has worked in the Scalp Micropigmentation industry for several years. Justin experienced hair loss at a young age and believes he can relate to clients on a personal level.

Justin Davids is a highly skilled smp practitioner who provides results to clients experiencing various types of hair loss. He has assisted clients in permanently overcoming their lack of confidence caused by hair loss.

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