Hair Tattoo

Creating a hair tattoo entails a variety of skilled techniques that necessitate the use of microneedles and specialised inks. These SMP techniques are not performed in a tattoo studio by a tattoo artist; rather, they are performed correctly by a scalp micropigmentation technician.

What is a Hair Tattoo

Because a hair tattoo is not just a tattoo in the traditional sense, it should be created by a specialist scalp micropigmentation technician. SMP (also known as scalp micropigmentation) cannot be obtained from a tattoo parlour because the procedure for scalp micropigmentation is performed differently. People frequently assume that a hair tattoo is where designs are cut or shaved into the hair to create a different hair style, but this is not the case.

If you are bald, a hair tattoo can cover the entire scalp; it is very popular all over the world. Hair tattooing can also be used on areas of the scalp that are thinning, receding, or balding. Scalp pigmentation can also be used to conceal scalp scars (SMP).

UK Hair Tattoo

Trichologists and other hair and scalp specialists are still looking for the best ways to prevent hair loss. If you are losing or have lost some of your hair, a hair tattoo is the best possible hair replacement solution. You will not need to undergo any surgery, making it less invasive than other hair loss treatments. Hair tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among ordinary people as well as celebrities.

Hair Transplant Scars and Hair Tattoos

Have you ever seen someone with scars on their head or do you yourself have scars from a procedure or an accident? If you do, it can be concealed, making the scar you eventually get much less obvious. The outstanding outcomes are displayed below. However, you will need to have surgery if you are thinking about getting an invasive procedure like a hair transplant. Because SMP is so successful, people elect to undergo it after a hair transplant (and non surgical). You can conceal any scars you may have. For someone who has undergone a FUE or FUT hair transplant, long scars on the back of the head are usual.

In order to use it for the balding or receding area on the scalp, a tiny strip of hair will be cut from the scalp if FUT is chosen. However, with a FUE transplant, each hair is delicately placed into the scalp one at a time. In other words, a hair tattoo can be used to conceal the scar, and if you like, the hair can then be styled very short, like a buzz cut, without any issues.

Hair tattoo Treatments Next Steps

Your scalp will experience brief red spots that will gradually dry out and fall off painlessly. Limited discomfort may be experienced during the initial phases of utilising scalp micro pigmentation to create a tattoo for the hair. SMP causes significantly less discomfort than getting a tattoo in a tattoo parlour (the needle penetrates deeper).

A hair transplant can be extremely painful, and for a variety of reasons, it is not always effective. It’s an invasive surgical technique that takes a long time to heal and requires a lot of patience before the final results can be seen.

Here are some actions to do after getting a hair tattoo. During discussions with the client and the scalp technician, additional clarification is given:

  • You can begin to gradually resume shaving after around two weeks.
  • Once a few days have gone, moisturise the scalp.
  • To prevent fading, avoid swimming and remain out of the sun for the first month. (Applying sunscreen to the scalp will assist.)
  • Refrain from sweating for a short while during any vigorous exercise or strain.

Resting and healing time is essential. The very next day, you can continue with your normal activities, although there will be restrictions for a very short period of time that a scalp technician will discuss with you as part of the procedure and the aftercare.

Hair Tattoo FAQs