Scalp MicroPigmentation Scar Concealment

Get your scars professionally concealed

Surgical scars are often visible in many cases, especially when hair is cut short. They frequently have an impact on people’s self-esteem. Scar micropigmentation allows us to conceal the affected areas and restore your confidence. SMP Artist apply dots of the organic pigment carbon black to the scarred areas of your scalp with a needle. The pigments add volume to your hair.

If you have a scar from a FUT hair transplant, for example, we can cover up to 90% of it with micropigmentation. Depending on your hairstyle and hair condition, you may be able to completely conceal the donor sites with FUE scars. Scar micropigmentation appears completely natural and is a safe method that always works.

Scar micropigmentation can be beneficial following any type of hair transplant. It has the ability to conceal all of the typical scars left by a transplant. Scars from other surgical procedures or accidents can also be concealed. Simply send us some photos of the affected areas, and we will contact you shortly to set up your free, personalised initial consultation.

Please keep in mind that a scar must be completely healed before undergoing micropigmentation. A fresh wound should heal in six to twelve months. Then you can begin scar micropigmentation!

Is Scar Micropigmentation Safe?

Scar micropigmentation is completely painless and painless. Carbon black, the pigment we use, is also used as a food colouring in the German food industry. It is completely safe and will not cause any allergic reactions in your body. Scar micropigmentation causes minimal scalp irritation because the needle only penetrates 0.6 to 1 mm into your skin, avoiding sensitive areas such as the hair roots surrounding the scar tissue. These are typically 3 to 4 mm deep.

Scar micropigmentation is a safe, long-term solution that is the only treatment capable of concealing scars properly. You’ll adore your new fuller-haired appearance. Your micropigmentation will only need to be refreshed every three to five years, and we offer inexpensive refresher appointments.